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������������������������ FAQ

What is the depth range for Power Imaging?

����������?We process between 100 to 16000 feet to match the geology of the prospect.

What is the depth accuracy?

����������?Our well ties or seismic ties are usually within 50 feet.

How much does the measurement box weigh?

����������?About eight pounds and is the size of a briefcase.

How long does it take to make a field measurement?

����������?Forty seconds at each site plus the time to write notes and record GPS location.

How close do you have to be to a power line?

The farther away from any wires the better. We rotate the horizontal coil on the ��ground to minimize the local power. We work in many remote areas and always have adequate source.

Will it work outside the United States?

Yes. In Canada we still use 60 hertz, but in Europe, Africa, and Australia we switch to the 50 hertz harmonics.

How far apart should measurements be taken?

It depends on the size and shape of the prospect. The range is usually between 250 feet and 1000 feet.

How is the field data saved?

The time domain signal is recorded as a ?span class=GramE>WAVE ?/span>file?on a Marantz620 recorder.

The file is similar to a music file and can be viewed in a number of music programs??/span>

How long does it take to turn the data around?

����������?Most files get processed in less than two weeks.

Can we find basement?

����������?Yes, under most geologic conditions.

How many sites have you measured and in what areas have you worked?

Thus far, we have taken measurements at more than 5000 sites. In the US we have worked in the hydrocarbon producing states from coast to coast. Abroad, we have worked in Canada, Argentina, France, Ireland, Turkey, Congo, Philippines, Australia, and China.